‘Ahimsa for Sarvodaya’


The second stage denominates as ‘Ahimsa for Sarvodaya’ is inspired by the constructive social programs* developed by Mahatma Gandhi during the freedom struggle of India. In this stage OraWorldMandala intends, with the creation of artistic productions, that the local actors use the experience acquired in the previous phase for developing a communitarian integral participation to motivate common well-being and sustainable economic development.

The productions of the groups’ work and artistic creation build a common space that facilitates communication among participants.
* from the Constructive Programme by M.K. Gandhi, Navajivan 1941:

1. Communal unity
2. Removal of untouchability
3. Prohibition
4. Khadi
5. Other village industries
6. Village sanitation
7. New or basic education
8. Adult education
9. Women
10. Education in health and hygiene
11.Provincial languages
12. National language
13. Economic equality
14. Kisans
15. Labour
16. Adivasis
17. Lepers
18. Students


Artistic productions inspired by the Constructive Program of Mahatma Gandhi


After several artistic offerings of the five elements created together with the 12 religious communities of Ahmedabad, OraWorldMandala, Gujarat Vidyapeeth and WEC (Women Empowerment Corporation) started a training on Khadi developed by the Italian artist Wanda Casaril Zamichieli.

April 10th, 2010
Start up of the Shanti Krupa Laboratory

Ahmedabad, Ashram Road, Juhapura

Founders of the Shanti Krupa working together (Hindu and

Muslim women)

Wanda Casaril Zamichieli at the Shanti Krupa during the training process for the first production

A few artistic productions of Khadi-Art

Follow up of the Khadi-Art productions: creation of a training and production centre in Ahmedabad

November/December 2008, ‘Khadi-Art Workshop’
Women of different religions of Ahmedabad working with Wanda Casaril Zamichieli

July 2007, ‘Khadi-Art Workshop’
Ahmedabad, Gujarat Vidyapeeth

Vice-Chancellor, Sudarshan Iyengar visiting the Workshop.

Start up: 24th February 2010
Real de Catorce, Mexico
After several artistic offerings of the five elements with the Wirrarikas and the participative action of the village developed from June 2, 2009, a constructive program on education was started on February 2010.

It’s an experiment inspired by the concept of ‘new or basic education’ proposed in the Constructive Program: here the villagers and the children work together in the regeneration of the local knowledge bridging with Mahatma Gandhi’s values and principles. The kindergarden, the primary, secondary and high schools are all integrating into their classical curriculum lessons about  history of the local food and nutrition, traditional medicine, local history, traditional music, tree planting, values and principles for the preservation of the local identity, yoga, literature on Nonviolence and art based on the respect of the environment by the use of the five elements.

Start up: 24th February 2010
Real de Catorce, Mexico
Villagers and children attending the different lessons for the empowerment of the local culture
3th – 6th June 2010
Real de Catorce, Mexico
Villagers acknowledged for their work and dedication

May 16th, 2010 – ‘Presentation of Kadhi Art’
conceptualized by OraWorldMandala, materialized by bhu:sattva and WEC

Ahmedabad, Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute

Chief Guest Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee

20th February 2009, Inauguration of A-HOPE
(Ahmedabad Harmonic Orchestra for Peace Everywhere)
promoted by
OraWorldMandala and Gujarat Vidyapeeth
with the support of
Faculty of Performing Arts
The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
On the invitation of the Consulate of the United States of America ‘ A-HOPE‘ welcomes Martin Luther King III to Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram through the performance of ‘We Shall Overcome’. The orchestra is composed by the members of the twelve religious communities of Ahmedabad.

Action program organized in collaboration with the American Consulate of Mumbai

A-HOPE performing in the 2nd October 2009 Action
Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad
Peace Research Center of Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad
Follow up of the orchestra: preparation of the repertoire.
20th December 2009
21th February 2010
21th February 2010
21th July 2010


1st October 2008,’Musical Safai’
in communally sensitive areas of Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad (Shahpur, Khadia and Jamalpur)
Singing Gandhian songs and doing safai-cleaning- together with Hindus, Muslims and people  from all religions.
17th December 2009, ‘Musical Safai’ with Dr Subba Rao Jamalpur, Ahmedabad

18th July 2009, Musical Safai with the Children´
Tepito, Mexico City
28th February 2010,
Musical Safai at Dandi and Parikhshitlal Bridge´
Ahmedabad, India


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